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Joel's Leap: Excerpts from Joel Curran 's Post-Apocalypse Journal
June 6, 1989 and nothing is going right for Joel Curran. Gone are his Las Vegas poker stake and his taste for the game. His girlfriend has left him for an activist job in Nicaragua. Nuclear hell has erupted because Mikhail Gorbachev can't get his mojo on.
Pothole (a novel)
When "good enough" is no longer a viable excuse for complacency, seventeen-year-old Maggie Duffy runs away from her dysfunctional family and mythical town of Pothole, Ohio, to--as Clara, her best friend, had scolded--"shine someplace else." By the time the world discovers "Maggie-D, the body-double sensation", she'll have already experienced an unconventional journey into adulthood, paving her way to realize her "cartoon dream."

the Nu Nomad

When 7-Eleven Closed (coming soon)

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