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Richard Hamel

Since 1998 Richard has been a freelance website designer for a variety of charitable organizations within Southern California (which he calls "home"), as well as for a few international travel-related operations. Before becoming a nomadic webmaster, he founded and operated PAX Publishing (for ten years), a graphic design and printing agency serving the development and communication needs of charitable organizations. Before creating PAX Publishing he was (for about five years) a full-time special events coordinator, fund-raiser and activist for a few Los Angeles area peace/nuclear disarmament organizations. He is the co-author of The Nu Nomad, a how-to book on how to live and work wherever you wish, the author of Pothole (a novel) and Joel's Leap (yup, another novel). Ricardo has visited more than thirty countries, many of which he has resided in.

Nationality: Canadian (but mostly American).

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